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    Development of Intexclub 

    The International Executive Club (Intexclub), and it's various operations, will be established in stages. In stage one the first events will be established and the first publications will be launched. Stage two will see the launch of The Management Bureau (TMB) and our learning services.

    Stage one and two may overlap, but stage two development will depend on success in achieving stage one goals. It is hoped that all these initiatives will be live and evolving by mid 2012.

    Stage three will see the launch of Business in English (BIE) and our Recruitment service, and stage 4 will see the launch of the Institute of Mavens (IOM).

    The timing of stages three and four are not defined. They are each quite independent initiatives, but their existence will strengthen Intexclub as a whole. If they are to be established by Intexclub alone, the timing will be determined by the success of Intexclub and it's ability to finance the investment, but they may be launched faster if we find appropriate partners.